Daiyan Trisha – Cheat (Original Music Video)

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Daiyan Trisha – Cheat ( Original ) | Acoustic Version
Lyrics/Song : Daiyan Trisha
Audio : SOG Production
Video : Clora Studio


Verse 1
Baby please come back
Come back on my door
I’m always here
I won’t hurt you anymore
No I didn’t mean to cheat
I lost myself completely

Come and get your stuff
They’re waiting for ya
It’s been a while
I’m looking for ya
I’m collecting the pieces of me
I regret what I did, you see
And it goes

Oh uwo uwo oh
No I didn’t mean to cheat
Oh uwo uwo oh
I allowed myself to be free
Oh uwo uwo oh
And its a mistake I need to clean
I am broken can’t you see
Baby please come back to me

Verse 2
Tryna fake a smile
Being with some other guys
No I can’t lie
You’re still the best
I am freaking out
You’re the one I can’t live without
And it goes

Guitar Solo

Chorus 3x

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(On a less serious note)

Hi my loved ones!
How do you like this video? I hope it breeds butterflies in your tummies! (Like this one guy felt and told me on Twitter, which makes me really happy)

“Cheat” is a song I wrote when I was 16, and I didn’t think too much on the choice of words (which explains the simpleness of the story line) because basically I just come to adore the impromptu melody (Chorus catchphrase) that popped into my mind back in early 2010 when I was making myself a cup of hot milo in the kitchen. “Cheat” also has nothing to do with past experience (because I’ve never… like… cheated you know ok bye), so I hope that answers some of your questions!

Why didn’t I change the lyrics then? Because I didn’t want to change whatever I did with the song in the first place, when I decided to myself that its finished and the song is finished and I’m happy with it, then it would be “myself” at that particular time and period who wrote it. And then I would get to compare and track my improvement.

Ever since, I’ve written loads of songs that can’t wait to get out there and just penetrate your ear drums and echo in your mind and melt into your lovely hearts. And I promise you, they will, and there will be more songs to come!

Yours truly.

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